You are stronger with your faith. We help you move comfortably without compromising modesty.

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Hijab sportswear muslimah

Move with ease with our lightweight and sweat-wicking Performance top that breathes with you.

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islamic modest sportswear long jacket

Recharge through movement in our versatile On-The-Go jacket featuring our fast drying fabric.

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make a positive impact in the world

Our collection is manufactured in ethical conditions and by certified factories that pay fair wages to their employees, in a safe and friendly environments in Canada and Colombia.

We operate is low-waste, eco-conscious factories. We use recycled fabrics, certified by OEKO-TEX, tested for harmful substances and certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

We use durable premium fabrics with anti-piling properties. You can wash your gear over & over and it will still look new! Your investment goes a long way!

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Breathable, sweat-wicking & lightweight
Meet our founder
Designed with passion

Khaoula created Dignitii in 2018 to solve the issue she faced when not finding proper modest sportswear to workout with. She made it her mission to remove this obstacle in order to empower women who dress modestly to take their health into their hands and encourage them to live an active lifestyle.

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