How it all started

As a young graduate in Psychology, Khaoula, our founder, found herself depleted of energy after her long hours at work. She decided to start exercising at the gym during her lunch time.

When training, she would wear a long cotton tunic, a jersey hijab and some joggers to keep her modesty. She didn’t feel very confident walking in the gym with these casual clothes as she didn’t look very sporty in them. During her training, she would get so hot and drenched in sweat that she would often stop in the middle of her workout and leave. The clothing she was wearing were hindering her performance and her hijab kept moving. She then started her research of modest sportswear. To her disappointment, the mainstream sportswear brands provide only skin tight clothing and there only exist very few modest activewear brands which most of them are of low quality.

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Women who choose to dress modestly and especially Hijab wearing women have a hard time finding sportswear to workout with that is highly functional, comfortable, looks good and that keeps them modest while allowing them to do a full range of movement. More of often than not, not finding the proper gear to workout with is the obstacle that stops them from exercising or practicing a sport.

This is when Khaoula decided that she was going to dedicate the next few years of her life in building the go-to brand for modest sportswear. She launched her brand in November 2018 which she has been growing since!


Dignitii aims to empower women to live healthier lives both physically and mentally.

Our mission is to elevate women’s fitness above body image. Women in fitness are often portrayed with the use of skintight leggings and revealing sportsbras, showing off abs and a perfectly shaped booty which gives a very unhealthy message to the regular woman aspiring to be fit. Such tight clothing often leaves women feeling defeated by this hyperfocus on body shape in fitness.

We provide activewear that is both modest and looks good to shift the focus from body shape to the real goal of fitness, feeling strong from the inside out.

We believe that sportswear does not have to be skintight to be performing.

We want women to feel strong, confident and beautiful without compromising on their values. 

We receive daily messages from customers saying that we have changed the way they feel when they move and our sportswear gave them the confidence to start exercising.

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We pray that our products be game changers in your fitness journey and that it will empower you to reclaim your strength from the inside out without compromising on your values!