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Went with the recommended size for me using their sizing tool and it was perfect. The pants are so light and breathable and loose enough for my comfort. I love them!

So easy to wear!

Super lightweight and breathable. I love that it is a shawl I can style around my face the way I want. The magnets are genius. I dont have to worry about loosing my no snag pins. I sometimes wear an undercap underneath it if I am doing a more intense workout to keep it secure but on its own it hold well for everyday wear or gym workouts.

I love it!!

Super comfy and cute!! Definitely go with the size recommender. I got an xl and it fits great on me! I love the zipped pockets, they fit my iphone.

Exactly what I was looking for!

Finally someone made a sports turban! Super easy to wear and it hold so well on my head. The fabric is stretchy so I feel it fits super well around my head and doesn't move. Also the fabric is super nice! Thanks Dignitii for thinking of us the turbanistas!

The best sports hijab PERIOD.

I am not a fan of the Nike sports hijab and I just couldn't find something flattering. This is my dream come true sports hijab. I love the integrated magnets that I can adjust to fit my face perfectly. No need to worry about sizing. And the fabric is so lightweight WOW. I love it so much!

These are my new go to pants. They are so flattering with a loose modest fit. The fabric is so soft and comfortable. I not only wear them when exercising but I also wear them at work. Definitely worth the price! Quality is up there!

OMG so cooling!

I didn't expect the pants to be ACTUALLY cooling but THEY ARE!! As soon as I put them open, I felt a cooling sensation on my skin. They are soooo comfy. The fabric definitely feels like butter. You guys need to make more colors please!!

Super flattering!

I love the shape of this modest workout dress. Although it is quite modest fitting, it does have a flattering feminine shape.

Incredibly comfortable

I love the fabric soooo much! So lightweight and breathable. Will definitely be a staple for me in the summer! I love the length too. I need all of the colors!!


I love this hyjab. It’s so easy to put on and stays in place. I am a nurse and wear it for work. It looks sleek and clean and professional

Perfect workout pants

I love these! Cool during workouts and not tight…and are really cute!

Awesome jacket!

I love this jacket. It’s lightweight and has deep pockets. Perfect for on the go or at the gym

Overall pleased, some things to improve

I initially ordered the performance top but returned it as I wasn't satisfied with the fit. I exchanged it for this jacket instead. Their clothes are quite tight so I sized up to a L. I like that the sleeves are very long. I’m 5’11 so its hard to find sleeves that are long enough and tops that cover the thighs. I didn’t like the hood so I had it removed by a tailor.
When I received their items I instantly felt like I was wearing a burkini because of the material of the jacket, but to be fair they are made for exercising so I do understand that this material may be cooler and doesn't absorb as much sweat. I bought it for everyday wear so I hope they come up with items that are more aesthetically pleasing. Overall pleased with the product though!

So chic and comfy

Just the right fit! 😍 Love it!

Soft, Breezy, Absorbent!

I workout 5-9 times a week so searching for comfortable hijabs is almost like a part-time job.

I’ve tried so many brands, but this Sports Hijab rules. The length is perfect, it slides onto my head easily without forming an odd shape like with other styles/brands,

and it’s way more affordable compared to all my other sports hijabs (even minus the sale). I bought them in all 3 colours available.

Occasionally, I try a beige on beige with casual clothing for work.

That’s how much I love this product.

Modest athletic wear

The material is great lightweight and very comfortable. The sizing is a bit confusing. I would recommend going up a size if you want a more modest and loose fitting look. I really like the under skirt feature which keeps everything covered even when doing exercises like burpees.

Great for work too!

The only reason I am giving 4 starts is I wish it was just a bit longer. Everything else is great, I have a very active job and this has let me ditch the slip-on al amiras from the kid's section! It is comfortable to wear all day and doesn't need to be readjusted. I will definitely be getting another one (or 2!)


I wear it everyday all day. Has been my go to gym shirt so comfortable and breathable

Great fabric

I’m travel to the Middle East in a few months and bought this as my first hijab. Thanks for making one that is easy for a novice to use. I appreciate the quality of the fabric as well.

Definitely a Buy!

I literally wear this to workout every other day (if I can get it in the wash fast enough)! So convenient and comfy. I thought I'd be bothered by the long sleeves, but not at all. The material and quality are unmatched! Can't wait for them to add more inventory to the site so I can buy my size in all the different colors!

Look like a burkini, but for double the price

I usually don't write reviews, but due to the persistent emails from the company/owner, I've decided to share my thoughts.

The first time I wore the top, I got comments/questions that it looks like a burkini. Come to think of it - it does and so I feel awkward wearing it now.

The fabric does seem to be a little durable as its made of 100% recycled Polyester. However, I don't find it very breathable and sweat wicking as advertised (especially with the high collar). I also find with this colour, the sweat shows more (as opposed to the black I ordered). I like the design/idea of the skirt underneath, however, due to the extra fabric, it makes the hips look larger than they are (I'm an XS). Personally, I don't find the hood useful (especially when working out indoors while wearing hijab) and because of the type of fabric used, it actually just drags/weighs down and pulls the neckline/collar down behind you rather than draping nicely. The length of the dress is nice at the back but quite short at the front, especially if you sit down. Lastly, the sleeves are a bit too long when you don't want to use the thumb hole and they don't look nice when they're bunched up around the wrist.

Although I appreciate the thought and effort that has gone into the design of this line of active wear for Muslim women, I do think a burkini was used as the blueprint.

Thank you for your review. We can assure you that our fabric is of the utmost quality. Our products are known for their durability. You can wash them over and over and they will still look like new. High quality tech polyester is actually one the best fabrics for performance sportswear as it is treated to be as anti-bacterial. sweat-wicking, breathable, anti-pilling and has UPF50. Many think that cotton is the most suitable for sports, but it is not the case. Cotton is breathable but is not sweat-wicking nor quick drying.
Design inspiration can come from many sources that is the nature of fashion design. Our Performance top was created in 2018 and has been our best seller since. If you do not like the look of the Performance top, you will be happy to know that we are releasing new sports tops this year with different cuts, shapes and lengths.
We did get the same feedback regarding the hood, so we removed it from our next restock.
Thank you for your continuous support.

Love it!

The material is great. It's not hot, and definitely breathes well. I love the little fabric section that can be tucked into your pants! It gives me peace of mind knowing that if I'm doing jumping jacks or any other overhead exercises that my stomach won't show. My only complaint is that some of the stitching around the wrist area came loose almost immediately, but I was able to re-sew it back together. Absolutely cannot wait for your new collection, I'll buy one of every color! Thank you so much for these great items! I ordered one size up from my normal size, and I'm happy with the fit


I love the top! It's a cute color and the length is nice. I should've sized down but its still my favorite workout top


I`m in love with this top. It is a perfect fit and looks amazing. Great quality and elegant. I hope they have more colors like white and gray.


Soft and light, perfect for sports! It makes a nice shape and is definitely the best sports hijab I have seen so far!